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Fishing boats leaving harbour at sunrise on Setting Day

Howard's Cove Prince Edward Island

Howard’s Cove Lighthouse

Though called the Seal Point Lighthouse by the Coast Guard, the beacon of this cove is identified on maps and by locals as simply the Howard’s Cove Lighthouse. The first light was erected at the site in 1960 and the current one was built in 1976. Only 5.8 metres (19 feet) tall from base to vane, it is the Island’s shortest lighthouse. Nevertheless, the structure has guided countless fishermen to safe harbour and is still an active navigational aid today.  It is an important landmark at the harbour and in the community.

Howard's Cove Lighthouse


Cape Wolfe Pioneer Cemetery

This cemetery is home to some of the earliest Irish settlers to the area. The cemetery, not seen from the road, has only two visible grave markers. One of them marks the gravesite of Irish immigrant Robert Howard. Like other Irish immigrants, he was drawn to the area by the terrain and seascape which closely resembled his homeland. Howard married Bridget Reilly, originally from County Kerry, and they had three sons. The name Howard’s Cove originated with this family. The other grave marker is a Celtic-style iron cross.

The cemetery hasn’t been used since 1879.

Snapshot from Meecham's Map of Cape Wolfe area


Setting Day

For 150 years, fishers have braved the cold, the wind and the wet of the wee morning hours to harvest the Island’s famous lobsters. Islanders show their anticipation and support for the industry by lining wharves and bays, including here at Howard’s Cove, to salute the loaded boats as they head out to set their traps for the season. The Setting Day Culinary Festival, launched on the Island in 2019, celebrates this annual tradition.