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Tourism PEI
View of old piers at St. Peters Harbour at sunset with fishing boat in distance

Midgell Prince Edward Island

Small community. Big experiences.

The Mi’kmaq people, who lived in the St. Peters area for more than 3,000 years, and the French settlers, who began to arrive in the early 1700s, prospered in harmony. Today, this growing community is a popular destination for visitors and local residents alike.

Spectacular scenery 

The reviews are in! The Morell to St. Peter’s segment of the Confederation Trail is praised for its beautiful views of the coast and its well-maintained gravel surface. The 11.6 km section is popular for birding, biking and hiking, not to mention the serenity and peacefulness to be experienced in this section.

Confederation Trail St Peters, bridge, biker

Flexing our mussels

One of the province’s greatest treasures lies in the waters of St. Peter’s Bay. PEI Blue Mussels grow naturally here and are also farmed to ensure a fresh supply year-round for domestic and global markets. The many rows of mussel lines in the bay hold multiple socks – mesh bags filled with mussel seed. The socks can grow up to 12 feet long and weigh up to 60 pounds. It takes around 16 to 24 months for the seed mussels to grow to the market size of two inches.

Mussel Harvesting Hero Image, fishing
Mussels, harvested
Lobster-House, Mussels, flat lay

Gateway to Greenwich National Park

The PEI National Park at Greenwich is probably best known for its large parabolic dunes. These rare formations are also called blowouts as the centre blows out leaving just a rim. The dunes overlook kilometres of white sand beach and expansive ocean. Greenwich also has a rich cultural heritage which includes Mi’kmaq communities, French and Acadian settlers as well as Scottish, Irish and English immigrants. The Greenwich Interpretive Centre showcases the area’s natural and cultural history and features a 12-minute multimedia presentation entitled “Wind, Sea and Sand: The Story of Greenwich."

St Peters Harbour, Lighthouse, hills, beach