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Tourism PEI
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Victoria-by-the-Sea Prince Edward Island

A water connection

Situated on Prince Edward Island’s south shore, villagers have been welcoming visitors to this delightful village since the Harland Ferry docked here regularly in the early 1900s. Over a century later, Victoria-by-the-Sea still beckons with seaside charm.

Historic image of Main Street, Victoria, PEI, 1911

Main Street, 1911 /

Italian era armada vessel makes an unscheduled stop

On July 26, 1933, a most bizarre thing happened here in the harbour. A vessel, which can only be described as a flying boat, landed in the shallow waters of the bay and dropped anchor. The captain and crew of the strange craft were members of the Italian Air Force. Their seaplane was one of 25 returning from the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago, where superior Italian aeronautics were on display. A broken water pump caused the engines to overheat causing its landing in Victoria-by-the-Sea. A replacement part was flown in from Montreal and the seaplane left the next morning to join the rest of the fleet in Newfoundland.

Historic postcard image of Balbo seaplane flight in water at Victoria, PEI, 1933
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outside view of the Victoria Playhouse. beautiful white structure with blooming cherry trees outside.
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The little playhouse that could

The Victoria Playhouse opened in the historic Victoria Hall in 1981. The building, which was constructed between 1912 and 1915, had excellent acoustics and an intimate interior, both pre-requisites for the type of theatre envisioned by residents. Over the past 40 years, the Victoria Playhouse has played host to countless productions and performances, including professional theatre, concert series, poetry readings and comedic performances. Enjoyed by locals and visitors alike, the venue is the heart of the community’s cultural scene.

Victoria Playhouse, theatre, stage, performers

A village with something for everyone

Dine, Shop, Play

While in the area, spend some time at the harbour watching the catch being landed and then dine on fresh seafood at a variety of restaurants. Explore the many shops to meet local artisans or enjoy the view from the water from a kayak or stand-up paddleboard.