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Tourism PEI
Boats in harbour, sunset, Georgetown

Georgetown Prince Edward Island

The Capital of Kings County

Georgetown boasts the first harbour to be built on the Eastern Seaboard and one of the deepest harbours in North America.

Fishing free trade agreement boosts economy 

Georgetown benefited greatly from the 1854 Reciprocity Treaty which granted Americans fishing rights in Island waters. Hundreds of American vessels docked in the port, greatly increasing business for local merchants. Within 10 years, the small town had swelled to 14 general stores; nine tavern keepers; seven hotels; six shipbuilders; five tailors; four druggists and milliners; three blacksmiths and harness makers; two carriage makers and grocers; one baker, brewer, cabinet maker, physician, surveyor, tinsmith, watchmaker and wheelwright.

Historic image of Water Street, Georgetown


Making an appearance

Poxy Island, off the coast of Georgetown, was a quarantine zone for ships wanting to enter the harbour during the smallpox epidemic of the late 1800s. Flying yellow flags, these ships would be inspected to ensure crew members didn’t have the disease. Over a century ago, a shipwreck appeared on the shores of Poxy Island, perhaps the remnants of one of these inspected ships. But here’s the thing! That shipwreck comes and goes, disappearing and reappearing at the whims of the tides. Its most recent appearance was in June 2013. At that time, archaeological experts identified the ship as being built in the 19th century.

Historic postcard image of DGS Minto at Georgetown PEI, winter 1905


Big wheel keeps on turning

Georgetown boasts the largest municipal park on the Island. The 3.8-acre A.A. Memorial Gardens was established in honour of Andrew Archibald Macdonald, the area’s Father of Confederation. Fittingly, this park features Canada’s largest ship wheel, measuring 12 feet in diameter. Quite likely it is a replica of the wheel of a fishing schooner. It is mounted so you can go under it and move the wheel.

Kings Playhouse

Georgetown is home to Canada’s longest-running theatre. The building was originally designed by prolific PEI architect William Critchlow Harris, well-known for building churches, houses and halls across the Maritimes. It was built as a multi-purpose town hall and theatre in 1887 and soon became a gathering place for local and touring performers. Even Harry Houdini performed there - until he escaped!

Devastated by fire in 1983, the playhouse reopened the next year and continues to thrive as an arts centre, showcasing and hosting artists from around the world. Its art gallery features work by talented locals.